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Paul Kemp Ivins Attorney Speaks Out

By Dr. Elliot Lyons | August 8, 2008

In an interview today with Laura Sullivan on NPR Paul Kemp maintained his clients innocence. Kemp described the government’s case as “Nothing but speculation.” with no direct evidence linking his client to the crime. “We don’t” he said, “convict people on the idea that they may have exhibited eccentric behavior or that they have the opportunity to commit a crime or had the knowledge to commit a crime.”

The government’s main evidence is the particular genetic strain of Anthrax that was in a flask in Ivins possession. But kemp says that more than a hundred people had access to that flask and the same genetic strain of anthrax was sent to two other labs and used in dozens of other experiments by other scientists.

Further, throughout the investigation he never tried to hide the fact that it was the same anthrax left for seven years in the same genetic state it had been at the time the letters were sent.

Most troubling to Kemp is that there is no direct evidence that would put him in New Jersey, no to toll road or gas receipts. Seven years ago if he had been under investigation the first thing they would have done is look for evidence that he was at home.

Kemp conceded that his client struggled with mental health but that he never tried to hide it and always sought help.

For the full interview, go to NPR.

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