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No Fly Zone Over Southwest Texas. Crystal Beach, washed away

By admin | September 18, 2008

No Fly Zone over southwest Texas. Crystal Beach, washed away,

What happened at the Bolivar Peninsula? I have heard reports about thousands being trapped after the bridges where ordered closed, during hurricane Ike. What happened to the 20,000 people who lived in Crystal Beach, Texas? Who stayed and who got out?

Excerpt –media blackout

GALVESTON — Mayor Lyda Ann Thomas on Monday ordered all city employees not to talk to news reporters. She did not say when that order would be lifted.

Thomas and City Manager Steve LeBlanc will be the only officials allowed to talk to reporters. City spokeswoman Mary Jo Naschke vehemently denied the city was trying to clamp down on coverage.

She said emergency personnel and city employees were too busy to talk to reporters. Naschke also said the city had been accommodating news reporters by allowing them access to the island when others weren’t allowed, giving them escorted rides to damaged areas and allowing them to move about outside during a curfew.

But at a noon press conference Monday, Thomas and LeBlanc talked for less than 30 minutes and refused to answer more than five questions. Thomas said she would try to hold another conference today.

Daily News reporters who tried to speak to city employees were denied and told no one could talk except for the mayor and city manager.

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